We Only Charge for Source Words!

One of the things that distinguishes us from the competition is that when we translate documents from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English, we charge always by the source word.

The source language is referred to as the language that you are translating from and the target language is referred to as the language that you translate into.

When you translate from English (the source language) to Spanish (the target language), inevitably the final word count into the target language increases between 20%  to 30%. Why? Simply because the Spanish language is more verbose than English. This means that you will save anywhere from 20% to 30%  off your final cost because we charge you a per source word rate.

With TWT there are no surprises! We provide you with our rates upfront.
Unlike with other companies, with us our clients know how much their translation will cost and how much they will save right away without having to submit a quote and waiting a hoping for a timely reply.

We will help you look good, especially when your boss just gave you a document that he needs to have translated right away for a meeting the next morning and you cannot get a quote fast enough.

Our commercial translations service provides you with access to accurate and fast translations done by highly qualified and certified translators.

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