Why Translating Desktop Publishing Pieces Should Be Managed By Translators

When considering preparing your documents for global or international distribution, take a moment to consider the correlation that exists between translation and DTP. Please imagine that you have a marketing or advertising document that you have created, and one which you intend to have translated into Spanish before being issued. From this, it is clear that you have developed an original piece of material that has a clear and considered target demographic, and that is designed to appeal to this specific audience.
You may well then consider having the translation and subsequent publishing of the document handled by a member of staff, especially if one claims to be fluent and well versed in the Spanish language. However, this would be a fundamental mistake, and one that is made by many companies annually. There are an estimated 400 dialects and variations of the Spanish language, with each having a subtle or vast difference in phrasing from the other. Subsequently, your piece may be translated and published with the smallest of errors that can have a significant impact on your business and marketing practice.
This is where our word translators come in. We understand the close links between translation between DTP, and appreciate that your published document should be entirely accurate and ready for distribution. By outsourcing your desk top publishing requirements for translation, you can rest assured that our team will use their knowledge of the variable Spanish regions and dialects to apply the correct one for your individual document. This will ensure that your target market is reached without complication, and that the document has the impact it was designed for.
You spend much time and resource planning a marketing campaign, and creating carefully structured documents to appeal to a chosen demographic. Given this, it seems wasteful to put that work in jeopardy by failing to translate a specific phrase or slogan into the requisite dialect, especially when it is so simple for a DTP specialist to contact our translator team with a diverse knowledge and experience in the Spanish language.  Their expertise can remove any possible risk and deliver the document you require to your customers and clients.
The age of the internet has made international and global commerce more appealing to businesses, but attempting to expand into a foreign market is still a decidedly difficult task. Translation and DTP are crucial aspects in reaching and making a favorable impression on an overseas customer base, and allow you to deliver a clear and concise statement about your business. With that in mind, it is important to let an experienced team of translation experts handle your desk top publishing needs, and ensure that your desired message is delivered in the relevant form and dialect.
NB: - Perhaps include a summary list of the key reasons for outsourving your work to translation experts in bullet points.
•    Removes of the risk of dialect errors / misrepresentation
•    Gives peace of mind to a customer
•    Allows a business to maximize the potential of the DTP documents.

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