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Desktop Publishing: Best Case Practices for Spanish Translation

In its most basic form, desktop publishing (DTP) is the process of combining a personal computer with specific page layout software, in order to create required publication documents. However, as its end products are often used for large scale publishing and as items for distribution or promotional activity, much thought and consideration is required to help maintain an original documents integrity. With our Spanish desktop publishing resources, we understand the need to produce your documents and text to specific guidelines that uphold the originals balance and symmetry, without compromising the quality of the final aesthetic.
Understanding our clients needs and ...

The Most Common Desktop Publishing Documents that need to be Translated

The core advantage of desktop publishing is that it allows the use of graphical charts and images to support a particular message within a document. Whereas a simple Microsoft word document may contain accurate and well presented information, it cannot have the same impact on a reader as one that utilizes clear and supporting graphics. It is a well accepted fact that imagery plays a crucial role in conveying a message or call to action to a customer base, as it can utilize both layout and color to engage a reader and hold their attention completely. This is why desktop ...

Why Translating Desktop Publishing Pieces Should Be Managed By Translators

When considering preparing your documents for global or international distribution, take a moment to consider the correlation that exists between translation and DTP. Please imagine that you have a marketing or advertising document that you have created, and one which you intend to have translated into Spanish before being issued. From this, it is clear that you have developed an original piece of material that has a clear and considered target demographic, and that is designed to appeal to this specific audience.
You may well then consider having the translation and subsequent publishing of the document handled by a member ...

Creating Stylish Spanish Translations That Appeal to Your Market

There can be little doubt that style and presentation are crucial in delivering a corporate message or marketing campaign. Regardless of the text or content that forms your companies statements, they are reliant on their lay out, design and application of color to create the best possible representation of your organization. To this end, your advertising strategies and supporting documents need to combine a mix of Spanish style, design and typography to maximize their impact on a chosen market or demographic.

N.B: - It may be worth inserting 3 bullet points here, and addressing the concepts of Spanish style, ...

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