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Ideally what goes here is source language article followed by target language article with same content

Below is an actual sample of text we translated from English to Spanish for a Production Company in the Artist Management field. Their was no deadline for this project it came in and needed immediate attention. In less than ten minutes we were able to translate the document and forward it back to the client for final approval.

Never in your wildest dreams would you believe who’s coming to entertain you at GTC


He danced with wolves.

He stole the heart of Susan Sarandon.

He built a field of dreams.

And now he’s coming to GTC.

Don’t miss  Kevin Costner & Modern West
GTC 2011 |  January 18-20 | Las Vegas
Performing at Grand Awards Celebration

Target Language Spanish A
Lo ideal sería que lo que ocurre aquí es el artículo de origen del idioma, seguida por el artículo del idioma de destino con el mismo contenido

This is the finished version translated from English to Spanish, which was the target language the client requested. Though this document seem fundamentally simple in its descriptive we further translated 6 variations to be used in various distribution areas. As it turns out the target market for this advertisement has numerous spanish speaking communities which required further translation of the original source language piece.

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A que no te imaginas quién va a venir a GTC a entretenernos…


Bailó con lobos.

Conquistó el corazón de Susan Sarandon.

Construyó un campo de sueños

Y ahora viene a GTC.

No te pierdas a
Kevin Costner & Modern West
GTC 2011 | Del 18 al 20 de enero | Las Vegas
Actuando con su banda en la
Gran Ceremonia de Premiación


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